About Traffic Education Center Initiative.

Traffic education mainly involves making the rules known and motivating each individual to follow the traffic rules and regulations. Traffic rules are meant to encourage a traffic flow which is smooth and as safe as possible.

Violating the Motor vehicle rules result in increased risk to life and property on the roads. Hence, it is incumbent on every person to be aware of the basic motor vehicle rules whether he/she is a driver, passenger or pedestrian. Every time we get behind the wheel of our vehicles, we have the possibility of affecting not only our own lives, but of others as well. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance that we take driving education seriously and do our best to not just keep ourselves safe but also keep the others moving on the road safe.

Enforcement of traffic rules is a police task and enforcement cannot be done without educating and creating awareness amongst the public regarding the same. Hence, traffic education modules are critical for improving road safety.

In order to fill the gaps existing in society regarding traffic rules awareness, the Traffic Education Centre initiative was launched at Ananthapuramu district wherein the Traffic education centre initiative is aimed at supplementing police efforts in the sphere of educating Motor vehicle violators and general public about the do’s and don't s while traversing on highways, city roads or village roads.
Since, road mishaps kill around 1.5 lakh people every year in India and more than 25,000 people in the State of Andhra Pradesh. Improving road safety via increased traffic education is identified as an important focus area in Ananthapuramu District.

The initiative is aimed at bringing about improving road safety in Ananthapuramu district by bring about behavioural change in the residents of Ananthapuramu via increased education and awareness.


  • Improve road safety and thereby reduce incidents of road accidents in Ananthapuramu District.
  • Educate motor vehicle violators by making them sit through traffic education sessions so as to prevent them from repeating the offenses in future.
  • Impart traffic education amongst young children, youth and general public so as to bring about a behavioral change in the society with respect to road safety




Traffic education center facilities :

Traffic education center located in Ananthapuramu police head quarters with a sitting capacity of minimum 100 members .

  • Laptop
  • Portable projector.
  • Portable tripod screen
  • Public Addressing System Surrounding Sound Speakers