Property crime is a category of crime that includes, among other crimes, burglary, larceny, theft, motor vehicle theft, arson, shoplifting, and vandalism. Property crime is a crime to obtain money, property, or some other benefit. This may involve force, or the threat of force, in cases like robbery or extortion.

Automobile Thefts

Most of the motor bikes are stolen when left outdoors unattended – both during day and nights. It was found in many cases that these vehicles did not have double locking system or good locks. During nights some thieves abandoned them as soon as the fuel tank goes dry. Some dismantle them, some sell them at a cheaper price without documents and many thieves use them to commit crimes again

    To avoid automobile thefts follow the tips:

  • Park your vehicle in the visual frame of a CC camera wherever possible.
  • Always park with the windows up and doors locked.
  • Do not give lift to strangers.
  • Use securing devises like steering lock, clutch lock, break lock etc.
  • Double check all doors.
  • Install loud alarm systems in your car.
  • If possible have kept an eye on your vehicle during shopping if it does not have valet parking place.
  • Do not leave valuables i.e. mobile phones, Laptops etc. inside the car even if it is locked.
  • Always have your vehicle insured.

How to Protect a Mobile Phone from Being Stolen

With mobiles or cell phones becoming fancier, more popular, and more expensive, they are increasingly liable to theft. Even then, many thieves are more interested in accessing your wireless service and potentially, stealing your identity. Unless you want to deal with all the hassles of getting a new phone (or paying for unauthorized charges on your bill) you’d do well to find out how to ensure that your phone finds its way back to you or at least, how you can make it difficult for thieves to get anything out of it.

  • Keep details. Make a record of all your phone information and keep this in a safe place.
    • Your phone number
    • The make and model
    • The pin or security lock code
    • The IMEI number
  • Use the security lock code, or PIN feature, to lock your phone. This will make it less valuable to a thief and deny them access to personal numbers stored on your SIM card
  • Register your phone with your network operator. If your phone is stolen, report the loss to them immediately. Using your IMEI number, they may be able to block your hand set and account details. Some wireless carriers are willing to do this, and some aren’t. If done, this will prevent anyone from using the phone across any network, even if the SIM card is changed
  • Install anti phone theft software. Most of the smart phones have this facility in-built. There are suppliers that provide modern anti theft software for your phone. The software enables you to remotely contact your mobile and stay in control. For example, one of the recently published solutions for Symbian and Android is Theft Aware; others provide Windows Mobile or Blackberry support