About LHMS

Locked House Monitoring System (LHMS) is a state of the art application developed by AP Police which leverages technology for reducing burglaries by thieves and other property offenders.

All a house owner, who is locking his/her house and going outstation has to do, is to download the LHMS app and send a message to police through LHMS app. The police officials will intern visit the house and install a CCTV camera and a sensor based alarm system in the subject premises which will be monitored in real time 24x7 at the district Command & Control Centre. If any burglar tries to break into the house, the alarm system will go off at the Police control room and simultaneously an alert message will be sent to the house owner at their registered phone. Immediately, Blue colts response will spring into action to prevent the crime and nab the criminals.

The systems also give the house owner facility to view the real time footage of CCTV on their registered mobile phone.

Further, the LHMS service has been rolled out to the public of Ananthapuramu district free of cost. All you have to do to safeguard your valuables………is just tap on your smartphone……So next time you go outstation……do use LHMS

How to Register


“LHMS AP Police” APP Registration method as below:

  • Open “LHMS AP police” APP
  • Go to “Register”
  • Now “New Registration” page displayed.
  • Now Enter the details
  • Enter Name, Mobile No., District, Town, Door No., Address and then press “GET MY CURRENT LOCATION”.
  • Now press “Register Now”
  • Now “OTP Verification form” displays. Simultaneously One OTP number comes to your inbox in a form of message
  • n that form we have to enter OTP number.
  • Now message displays as “OTP verified successfully” then press “OK”.
  • Then you will receive a successful registration of “APLHMSxxxxxx” number. Which you have to keep with you. This will be used at the time of “Request Police Watch”, when you are going out from your house.

Now, Police will come the day before the request time and will set up the Device

If any doubts please contact +91 9989819191

How to Download App


“LHMS AP Police” APP download method as below:

  • Go to play store
  • Type “LHMS AP police”
  • Press “Install" .
  • Now the APP installed in your mobile phone.

How to Set-Up Request


Sending Requisition to Police, through your Mobile to keep Police Watch:

  • Open “LHMS AP Police” APP.
  • Press “Request Police Watch”.
  • Now “Watch Request Form” opens
  • Now you have to enter the details.
  • User ID (Registration number which came to your mobile)
  • Select “Start Date”
  • Select “Start Time”
  • Select “End Date”
  • Select “End Time”


Then you will receive message “

Police watch request submitted successfully”.

Now Police will receive your “Watch Request” at control room, then Police will come to your house and they will fix a camera in your house, from then your house will be under Police Watch till you are returns.THE ABOVE APP DOWNLOADING AND KEEPING POLICE WATCH AT YOUR HOUSE IS FREE OF COST. HENCE, REQUEST ALL THE PEOPLE IN ANANTHAPURAMU DISTRICT MAY UTILISE THIS POLICE SERVICE AND KEEP SAFE YOUR VALUABLES.