In order to implement smart policing in Ananthapur District, the district police has been leveraging various technological measures for crime prevention , detection and prosecution. Setting up an integrated CCTV network across the district with dedicated Command & Control room in district HQ and each sub-division HQ is an important project. This initiative involves installation of high resolution cc cameras in public private partnership at important junctions, installations etc. for maintaining round the clock surveillance.

The feed from all the cameras are monitored 24x7 in real time at district command & control room by a set of dedicated police staff. Thus the cameras act as eyes in the field and help in monitoring traffic flow, tracking dharnas and processions, keep surveillance on bus, auto stands, railway stations at peak hours etc. Further, cameras are also extremely useful in identifying strangers moving around suspiciously at night.

In case any suspicions rose the control room dispatches a Blue colt quick reaction team at the spot for verification and resolution of the problem. Besides, being an excellent measure for crime prevention, cc camera footage's also act as an excellent source of evidence for crime detection. Further, the cc camera footage's also act as excellent evidence and thus help in strengthening the prosecution in certain cases.

With the installation of this initiative, the district police have been able to crack several cases ranging from house breaks to road accidents to other bodily offences. Instances of eve-teasing and woman harassment in public are also on the wane.

Place Cameras installed
Ananthapuramu 255
Dharmavaram 69
Guntakal 31
Kadiri 87
Kalyandurg 40
Penukonda 124
Puttaparthy 8
Tadipatri 78
Total 702

Importance of CCTV

  • realtime monitoring :
  • response time are very less :
  • Responsibilities and Reasons: We need to consider privacy issues when creating surveillance policies. For one, cameras should avoid or mask inappropriate views of private areas, such as yards and windows of bedrooms or washrooms.
  • Crime, Cost and Benefits: Public surveillance camera systems can be a cost-effective way to deter, document, and reduce crimes. For example the cost savings associated with crimes averted through camera systems in a city of USA saved over four dollars for every dollar spent on the technology, while another city yielded a 50 cent return on the dollar.
  • Document and Publicize Policies. The law enforcing agencies must formulate on how surveillance cameras can be used and what are the disciplinary consequences for misuse. Likewise, officers should be thoroughly trained on these policies and held accountable for abiding by them.
  • Forecasting and Post-Event Investigations: The usefulness of surveillance technology in preventing and solving crimes depends on the resources put into it. The most effective systems are those which are monitored by trained staff, have enough cameras to detect crimes in progress, and integrate the technology into all manner of law enforcement activities. Use of correct video-analytics can actually raise alarms about crimes or accidents before they take place. Correct management software will help in tagging, archiving and retrieving the authentic data for post-event investigation.
  • Mix of Man and Machine: People should be out on the streets and work-places trying to prevent crime or losses. CCTV cameras are just a less effective alternative to having police walk the streets or security personnel on patrolling and physical surveillance. As with any technology, the use of cameras is by no means a substitute for good old-fashioned ground work. The camera footage provides additional leads in an investigation and aids in securing witness cooperation. The video footage serves as a complement to – but not a replacement for – eyewitness evidence in the courtroom.

How Public Can Contribute

As per AP Public safety act, 2013 it is obligatory for all public places where 100 or more people gather to install cc cameras in accordance to the provisions of the act. The cameras installed by public have the twin advantage of one, acting as a deterrent for offenders to commit a crime when an area is under CC camera surveillance two, the camera footages act as invaluable clues for police dept. for detection of certain crimes. Hence, cameras not only improve the safety of the private individual but also of the people around.

  • Read about Andhra Pradesh Public Safety Act.Click Here

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