The District Armed Reserve is one of the key units of Ananthapuramu district Police. It is the armed wing of the District Police to assist the Civil Police in maintenance of Law & order, providing security to vital installations and VIPs of the city, arranging escorts for prisoners, cash, and important documents.The District Armed Reserve is headed by Superintendent of Police of Ananthapuramu District.The main function of DAR is to provide:

  • Escort for Prisoners
  • Guards to VVIPs & VIPs – Governor, Chief Minister, Ministers etc.
  • Guards to vital installations
  • Guards & Escort to visiting foreign dignitaries
  • Security to Honourable Judges of Courts
  • Guards to Banks
  • Escort for aviation fuel
  • Escort for cash remittances
  • Escort for Arms and Ammunition
  • Striking force for maintaining Law & Order
  • As Gunmen for Ministers
  • Motor Transport workshop, fleet management and operation
  • Dog Squads for Crime and Bomb Detection

Officer Details

Strength particulars of ARMED RESERVE Ananthapuramu
S.No CI   Name contact_numbers   Rank & G. No contact_numbers   Cell Nos
1 K.Sreenivasa Rao Addl.SP 9440901910
2 N. Murali Dhar  DSP 9440796857
3 K.Venkateswara Rao Reserve Inspector 9440840995
4 D.Somashekar Naik Reserve Inspector 9182488511
5 B.Anand Reserve Inspector 8328379641
6 Ramana Reserve Inspector 9490051812
7 S.K. Jaffar  RSI 6368 8341067791
8 S. Mahaboob VAli RSI  6359 9440901908
9 S.P.Ramakrishna RSI  6374 9849946172
10 C. Rajasekhar Reddy RSI 6370 9559933179
11 M. Suresh Kumar Reddy  RSI 6369 9441236927
12 B. Niranjan Rao  RSI 6365 8885858008

Dog Squad Duties


General Purpose Dog is trained to perform multiple functions which include obedience and agility exercises to build partnership skills. These are important functions as handlers must maintain control over their dogs at all times.

General purpose dogs skills are used in many situations such as tracking (following a person's scent) to find offenders and missing people if they are moving on foot. They are equipped with an excellent sense of smell making them invaluable for searching buildings, enclosed areas and bushland. Here the dog searches for scent drifting in the air and follows it to locate a person. Their sense of smell is also used for searching an area for recently discarded property or evidence. Other duties include assisting with the control of crowds which may threaten the safety of the general public.

Specialist police dogs are trained to perform specific tasks requiring precise training. Teams from the Drug Detection Unit of the Dog Squads are trained to search for dangerous drugs including Cocaine, Amphetamines, Heroin, Ecstasy and Cannabis. These handler/dog teams can be used for interior and exterior searching of dwellings, vehicles and vessels.

The Police dogs have a great life. At the end of the shift the dog is taken home with the handler and spends their time off with the handler and their family. The dog and handler work exclusively as a team from start to finish which makes it easy to understand how they become very attached to each other. The dogs receive the very best attention, food and veterinary care to ensure their health and happiness throughout their lives.

At the conclusion of their working life the 'retired' police dogs can sit back and relax as an everyday back yard dog. Handlers generally retain their police dogs throughout their old age.

B. D. Team


The basic functioning of the B,D Team are, Anti - Sabotage checks, Access Control and Road Opening Parties arrangements for “Z” and “Z+” category protectees, i.e., Governor, Chief Minister, Home Minister, other Heads of State and all other ministers and protectees are being made during the visits of VIP/VVIPs to the district. They would use the equipment of DFMDs, HHMDs, DSMDs, and Explosive Detectors etc., to detect explosive substance or other dangerous weapons, besides police dogs would be put in action to detect the explosives Dog Squad personnel have been giving training frequently.


Sufficient equipment i.e., Metal detectors, Pocket Scanner, Vehicle Inspection Mirror, Letter Bomb Detector, Bomb Blankets etc., is available for better performance.