What is Blue Colts


What is BLUE COLTS :

Blue colts is envisaged as a dedicated mobile Quick reaction team that will attend to emergencies and spots of distress. Thereby it is an emergency mobile team moving on bikes which respond to distress calls received via Dial 100 system immediately.Therefore, they will rush to rescue victims of eve-teasing, chain-snatching, violence against women , road accidents, thefts etc on a 24x7 basis.Hence, the system will decrease Police response time to distress calls thereby rendering better emergency response services to the public of Ananthapuramu District.Each Blue colt bike is equipped with a GPS tracking unit, Communication set and manned by two police officers which are continuously tracked in real time at the Command and Control Room Ananthapuramu thereby helping the command control to track , map and guide the blue colt unit from the time of receiving distress call till closing of complaint. Hence, enabling effective use of technology for service delivery.

Blue colts is presently active around several urban centers of Ananthapuramu district
Sub-Division Units
Anantapur 06
Tadipatri Town 01
Kadiri 02
Dharmavaram 02
Guntakal 02
Puttaparthy 01
Urvakonda 01
Kalyanduragam 01
Rayadurgam 01
Hindupur 03
Total 20

At present the average response time for each dial 100 call in Ananthapuramu district is 9mins and for rural areas it is 25 mins.


With the co-ordination of Dial – 100 and E.Surveillance the Blue Colt teams will act immediately and attend on the issues of L&O, Traffic, Eve-teasing, Prevention of property crimes and give the feedback to Dial-100, and E-Surveillance.